Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Boy Has a Huge Noggin

I know, I'm the meanest mom ever. I had to take a picture of Mason's head stuck trying to reach for the broom. I couldn't figure out why he keeps getting his head stuck, until we went to the doctor's office today for his one year check up and got his stats.
Weight:21.6lbs 27%, Height: 28 1/4 8%, Head Circ.: 48cm 89%
Needless to say, my boys got one huge noggin.


Mrs. Bennett said...

That face when he is crying - so adorable and sad! He is such a cutie, even if his head is huge.

TMI said...

Jamie I just looked at Trent and Austin's websites.... I can see why they earned hero status. So precious. You are lucky to get to work with such amazing kiddos all the time! And they're lucky to have you too!